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 Khizar Ali

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PostSubject: Khizar Ali   Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:23 pm

Name: Khizar Ali (Those that know him call him Khi pronounced Kai, for short)
Age: 16
Birthday: May 22nd
Gender: Male

Appearance: Khizar is a teenager of average height and a muscular build. He has a semi dark complexion and his skin has a few scars throughout it from his youth. He has neck length silver hair and blue/green eyes that choose a color depending on how the sun hits them. He usually wears loose fitting and sleevless clothes and a pair of boots over the more commonly used sandals of his region due to his love of mobility.

Personality: Khizar's calm, cool, and tough guy personality belies the heart of a fierce adventurer and dreamer, while masking a past of hard ships and loss. He is extremely brave and not easily rattled, and when he is thrown off guard he tries to keep a serene look about his face anyway to inspire confidence in himself and his companions. He doesn't like others to do things he can do for himself as he has grown up learning to depend only on himself. This outlook on life has not made him jaded to friendship though, as if you gain his loyalty and friendship then you will have it for life and be a cherished companion. He is a very determined and passionate youth, and will stop on nothing to achieve his dreams as they are very important to him. Growing up the way he did has made him a great leader, teaching him to be confident, proud, and strong but not too overbearing, arrogant, and bullish. He is kind and polite but not to the point of naivete, and is extremely charismatic. Despite the lack of a formal education Khizar wields an impressive mind, as he taught himself swordsmanship, various languages, and even picked up on the way the higher born of the world act through mere observation and reading.

History: Khizar's known history begins as a youth of 4 washed up on an island just off the coast of Balbadd City. With no recollection of how he got there or who he was other than a pendant with his name on it and the clothes on his back. Without parents he was taken into the orphanage with the other abandoned children from all around Balbadd that came to this island. Such a large amount of children with only a few women to take care of them and the wrong food to mouths ratio made the orphanage a rough place. Khizar had to grow up fast and fight for his own survival, before eventually deciding that things needed to change when he saw his first death as a child in the orphanage died of starvation. He took it upon himself to organize the children and help the 'mothers' better portion out the food. When that system started to go south he took to thievery alongside some of the older occupants of the Orphanage and started to take just enough for the kids to survive. Eventually the Balbadd merchants complained enough to the then King that he sent some of his own men to inspect the island. The soliders stationed there were often just out of the recruitment stage of their training and unable to properly detect Khizar and his friends movement and sometimes even helped them stay out of the public eye by stealing the supplies the Stationed Solider would bring to the island. One day however Khizar and his friends were caught by a new recruit who had talent and the drive to become great at his job named Kabaal. Once Khizar and his friends were caught by Kabaal, Khizar decided that as the ring leader he alone should take repsonsiblity and let his friends live. This resolve impressed the Young recruit who took Khizar under his wing to train him and hopefully set him on a different path. He told Khizar if he joined the army and reached a high enough rank he could bring about real change for island. Those were the best days of Khizars life. Kabaal would leave for a few weeks at a time and return with stories of the dungeons and kings of foreign lands, and books with which the kids would entertain themselves and Khizar would learn from. That carried on until the tragic news that Kabaal had disobeyed one of the King's orders and decided to leave the court, becoming exiled from Balbadd. Khizar took the news the hardest but remained ever diligent in his new goal to help the children and people of the forgotten island he had washed ashore. Nightly he would train after securing supplies with his friends, learning to read, and most importantly learning Royal Swordsmanship beyond the basics that were taught to him by Kabaal. One of these nights however ended shortly when Khizar heard a series of loud noises and a orange glow on the other side of the island, the side where the citizens and orphanage was. Rushing through the brush Khizar got to the edge of the city to see his friends chained to be sold as child slaves, and the small town burned to the ground. This became the moment that Khizar's goal in life manifested itself in his mind. Kings should not act that way. Abandoning people and selling them off like commoditites, no instead Khizar would become what a King should be and followed in the footsteps of Kabaal, he took to traveling, seeking to become a dungeon capturer and with the aid of Djinn's become a King Vessel to buy his friends from slavery and rule with compassion. Nothing will sway him from his newfound dream.

Country: Assumed to be from Balbadd

Race: Human

Strengths: Khizar is a talented swordsman specializing in the Royal Swordplay of Balbaad. The swordplay draws on Khizar's natural strengths of agility and speed. He strikes quick and in unpredicatable patterns, and before Kabaal left was even able to draw blood from the talented recruit. Although truly dangerous with a blade in his hand, he is not completely worthless without one, having won many a brawl with his fists in the orphanage, he knows enough that he would not need saving in a streetfight.

Weakness: Opponents well versed in other sword styles would throw him off as his only other opponents have been bandits and Kabaal so he doesn't have much experience. He also is not adept at using heavier blades, as he prefers the speed of a one hand style. As stated above, even though he is not worthless in hand to hand, he is not trained in any martial art thus would find himself quickly at a disadvantage against someone who is trained or even a natural brawler like himself that could keep up with his speed like a Fanalis.

Weapon: A sword, almost a swort shord that is only barely classified above a knife. It is light weight but nothing special as it was pieced together by a blacksmith from other broken blades for the small amount of money Khizar was able to scrape together through various jobs.

Khizar and his Blade

Do you have any magic training?: No
If yes what type of magic?: No
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PostSubject: Re: Khizar Ali   Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:23 am

I like it approved
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Khizar Ali
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