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 Information on races

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PostSubject: Information on races   Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:54 pm

Here is the list of races in Magi and those that are of my creation will be listed here as well

Fanalis:Red hair and red eyes are the requirement. A hunting tribe from Dark Continent 
Their physical strength and senses are way above that of a normal human. They can jump to extraordinary heights and even break metal. Their kicks are like lightning and they can even take down the mighty king of beasts in one blow. Fanalis that are "pure bloods" are stronger than those who are not. Due to their great physical strength, they have low quantities of Magoi (because of this, using Metal Vessels or Household Vessels often leave them paralyzed or close to death Fullblooded Fanalis can only use full body equip for about a 1 or 3) but half bloods seem to have more Magoi than pure bloods. Their extraordinary abilities made the Fanalis very formidable and dangerous opponents that one should avoid encountering any of them..

Imuchakk:Blue hair and everyone must be over 6 feet even the women. The Imuchakk clan have great physical strength but their abilities are reviled within water. Can breath under water twice as long as any normal human, swim at the speed of fish if not a little bit faster and can use water techniques

I'll add more later.
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Information on races
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