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     Akihiro Kouga

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    PostSubject: Akihiro Kouga   Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:07 pm

    Name: Akihiro Kouga
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Febuarary 28th
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Akihiro is of average height for a young man his age and a strong body. He is a brunette with Aquamarine eyes that are constantly shifting between green and blue. Usually you kind find him wearing a cloak over his blue shirt and black pants, complete with royal feathers clasped around his ear as a nod to his clans homeland.

    Personality: Akihiro is a kind and polite young man with a good and strong heart. He feels that everyone no matter how low in birth should be free, feeling sad that some people are born in one small corner of the earth and never get to experience more of it. He believes that the duty of a good king is to support his peoples dreams. Akihiro possess that rare quality that makes people gravitate towards him and almost instantly trust him. He has a warmth and noble bearing about him that others find comforting, and despite being of high lineage and even higher education and station he does not take himself seriously. Being that he was raised alongside the Kou princes and princesses he has an extensive education, being well rounded mentally and naturally smart as is. He is every observant and weighs all of his words and actions with careful thought when in a public setting or a meeting that would make a difference to many peoples lives. Despite all the good things Akihiro has in his personality he is noted by members of the Kou Empire to have quite the temper, and more than capable of getting serious when the time is right. The Kou officers say when he is displeased "He gives you that look...that look of a wild beast ready to supper." He has no love for the Kou Empire, though he has no ill will towards its citizens, he has little patience for their elite. His goal is to liberate his once proud clan, and the other clans and lands once free, from under the Kou rule and create an alliance with the clans to avoid being conquered again so everyone can freely carry on their traditions and live in peace. He has many quirks and a love of adventure. Now that he has stricken out on his own he has started a traveling journal with a checklist in the back with goals he wants accomplish. First up, Capture 3 Djinns and form the Holy Trinity.

    History: Akihiro Kouga was born 17 years ago as heir to the famous horse riding Kouga Clan. Once conquerers themselves the Kouga now were content to sit back and enjoy their traditions amongst the remnants of their clan. That all changed 6 years later when the Kou Empire rode into their village. They took many prisoners, as the Kouga having had their numbers dwindled by Slave Traders over the years, had little resistance. To stop this, Akihiro at six years old already knew what it was he needed to do. He offered himself up as an Imperial Hostage, as the last documented link the Kouga Emperor of long ago, to be under the Kou Empire's tutelage and help them conquer if his people were left in peace. The Kou Empire readily accepted this plan of action when word of it reached them and took Akihiro into their care. They planned for him to become part of their military force after seeing his talent, eventually dreaming of him becoming part of their Djinn corps, Dungeon Capturers whom fought for Kou. He was educated alongside the Kou royalty, in school and combat. Though he did little to foster a relationship amongst them he did get along with a few, especially the kinder Kou Princesses. When he was 16, the Kou decided to no longer remain idle on the Kouga empire and sent one of the Princesses he was fond of to broker peaceful negotiations. Though the plan worked somewhat flawlessly with the Princess only recieving a scratch on her face throughout the process, Akihiro was enraged that they did not let the Kouga be. Now at 17 he has decided to go to a dungeon under the guise of capturing his first Djinn for Kou then heading to the Reim empire to learn Maogi Manipulation to wield it, when really he will liberate those who do not wish to recognize the Kou rule, and help them live their lives they wish.

    Country: Kou

    Race: Human/Kouga (Kouga are rumored to be distantly related to Fanalis)

    Akihiro's Fighting Style in Action.
    Strengths: Akihiro is a strong, fast, and intelligent youth. His body as a young boy was trained in the mountains and forest outside of the Northern Plateu his clan grew up. He furthered trained his body under the watchful eye of the Kou trainers. As such he has strong muscles that do not tire too quickly, and speed that takes many by surprise. The Kou emphasize being well rounded as they believe Djinns powers are varied, the wielder should be able to wield them proficiently. As such Akihiro decided to focus his skills towards the Jian, the gentelmans sword, as it is meant to be wielded in one hand and accompany the bodies attacks as a martial artist. With his open hand and legs Akihiro makes strong strikes, or throws, or feints, whilst using the speed of his swordsmanship with a Jian to cut and thrust at his opponent. He likens his fighting style to that of a Chimera. Using its powerful body to get into a position to strike with its snake tail, or shred with its claws (Jian). As a Kouga he is also a gifted horse rider.

    Weakness: Being a jack of all trades, he is not a master of any one skill. While he is a better martial artist than regular humans, a Fanalis of minimal training would be more than a match for him and a swordsman who has practiced solely on his art would prove to much for his Jian. He also little skill against Weapons not used by the Kou empire as he has not yet traveled. Being unfamiliar with anything outside of a Bow and Arrow, Spear, and Sword.


    His Jian in Gif

    Do you have any magic training?: No
    If yes what type of magic?: NO
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    PostSubject: Re: Akihiro Kouga   Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:27 pm

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    Akihiro Kouga
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