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leaf Warrior

leaf Warrior

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PostSubject: Vassh   Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:29 pm


Personality: Vassh is very up righteous character he tends to to tell the truth allot not able to tell a lie what so ever so if a friend where to tell him to keep a lie it be very impossible for him but just like his clan nobody can lie in his family its that simple. Vassh was raised not to fight a n armed opponent it is a sign of respect and identity in who he is. Vassh is very open to suggestion and his communication skills are superb he very friendly and easily to get along with and is very confident.when people tend to go up against him is not the one to back down from any challenge.

History: Vassh was raised by his mother who was a swordsmen and she taught vassh his swordsmanship skills Vassh mother at first was a hooker at certain time and had sex with over 40 kings she was gold digger and maid so much money of fucking other kings she would do anything for them but behind all of that as her pleasure skills where out matched he swordsmanship was above a whole other level she even defeated many warriors across the globe.As her days of a street walker came to an end her days as a mother and solider began her name is Zilla the first female to join the sindira army as a swordsmen where she met her true love and gave birth to vassh during war after the war was over the death of her husband was a dark time for her in being a single parent but she sees it as her husband being week so she maid a vow to make vassh stronger then her husband when vash hit the age of 6 he picked up his first sword and his mom began the harsh training he went through for 10 years he now 16 and has grown to be a fine swordsmen better then  his father and close to his mother .Zillia died of old age leaving Vassh alone in the world without a mother beside him and father he never knew about .He bared his mother and began his journey  replacing his sword with his mother sword as a memento.
Country: Sindira

Strengths:With the training of his mother Vassh is very skilled with a sword he uses two hand s to wield one sword and can do allot with just that he is very fast when it comes to his foot work his as are also fast so he can keep up with other swordsmen as well he is also a very good fist fighter lol

Weakness:Vassh is frail for if a hug strong guy where to go up against him it be a difficult challenge for him and sometimes he leaves his openings when he

Weapon:the sword in the picture

Do you have any magic training?:no
If yes what type of magic?:

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PostSubject: Re: Vassh   Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:30 pm

I like it approved and change that magic training to no
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